Christmas Fast Forward – Early Rough Cut




fast forward grant mcphee sound of young scotlandWe thought we’d share with you an early rough cut of our Teenage Superstars companion film, Fast Forward.

We do have a more refined cut with extra interviews (and more to come) but as we are currently in the process of licencing audio and images we can’t share this with you yet sadly.


But we do have this far earlier version. It’s rough, loose and shambling!  Images and archive are still fairly random and the voice-over is a very rough guide track from our editor, Lucy.


We’ll only have it up for a day so watch it while you can.

password: christmas


We’re posting this for a couple of reasons.

1) As a thank you for everyone’s continued support for our films and also:

2) There are increasingly more and more horrible news stories on our televisions about homelessness and poverty. While everyone is feeling the strain, and Christmas is already an expensive time of the year for most we’d just like to ask that if anyone can spare an extra pound or so to please consider donating to a fantastic charity based in Glasgow – Bread over Bombs who provide emergency food to people in crisis. They really do some fantastic work and they would greatly appreciate any help.

Bread over Bombs –


Thanks and enjoy!






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