Big Gold Dream – Daily Record Article – April 2015

(C) John Dingwall / Daily Record

Extract below…

LEGENDARY Scottish post-punk record label Fast are celebrated in new film featuring all the movers and shakers from a golden era of pop music.

THEY’RE the Scottish DIY record labels that changed the face of the Britain’s music scene.

Bob Last and his then-girlfriend Hilary Morrison’s Fast Product was launched in 1977 from Bob’s flat in Keir Street, Edinburgh.

During a brief two year existence Fast discovered and helped bring to the public attention cult-legend, post-punk acts such as The Scars, The Mekons, Gang Of Four and The Dead Kennedys.

They also launched the career of synth pop favourites Human League, releasing their 1978 debut single Being Boiled. Bob and Hilary released early material by Joy Division on the label’s Earcom Two sampler.

But the couple turned down the chance to sign the legendary Manchester group because they were uncomfortable with the band name – allegedly taken from the collective term for the women who were forced into prostitution by Nazis for their high ranking officers during World War II.

Hilary said: “We turned down the original Joy Division because I knew what the name meant and I was uncomfortable.

“I since met Ian Curtis. He came up.

“He was a lovely guy. He liked cats.

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