Teenage Superstars

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Teenage Superstars (2017)

107 Minute Feature Film.  A look at Glasgow’s Post-Postcard 1980s/1990s Independent Music Scene.

Director/Producer: Grant McPhee

Producer: Wendy Griffin

Writer/Editor: Angela Slaven

Co-Producers: Erik Sandberg, Angela Slaven

Exec Producers: Mark Thomas

Exec Producer for Sky: Jack Oliver

Cinema Premiere: Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017 (Best Film Nominee)

Television Premiere:  Sky Arts, January 2021

Cinema Premiere:  20th September 2018

DVD Notes:

The Vaselines, BMX Bandits, The Pastels, The Soup Dragons, Shop Assistants,  The Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream and Teenage Fanclub.  And labels ’53rd and 3rd’ and Creation.

“There’s a virtue in being primitive” – Jowe Head, Swell Maps; Television Personalities

 “There was a real interest coming out of the Scottish underground to write really classic, heartfelt classic pop songs – without having to subscribe to moneyed production” – Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth

 “The record company would come and get down on their knees and beg us not to do it. We’d just think ‘fuck you’” – Douglas Hart, The Jesus and Mary Chain

 Scotland, 1982. The stars of Big Gold Dream had either split up or taken the Big Gold Road south to major label success in London.

 Glasgow was left with an independent void, but the seeds sown in Big Gold Dream would lead to a new era of rebellion.

 Punk was reborn in the shape of a new style of independent music. No longer would bands look to tidy themselves up and sign to a major record label in the hope of appearing on Top of the Pops.

Independent music in Scotland now meant ‘No Compromise’ and this is the story of those bands and the personalities involved.


This new documentary from the creators of ‘Big Gold Dream’ tells the story of what happened next in the uncompromising world of Scottish Independent Music.


 Bursting with new interviews, rare archive, untold stories and some of the most amazingly difficult, scratchy, noisy, genius pop music ever given to the world.


 This is Teenage Superstars and you need to watch it


Alan McGee

Bernice Simpson

Brian Taylor

David Keegan

Douglas Hart

Duglas T Stewart

Eugene Kelly

Frances McKee

Francis Macdonald

Gerry Love

Jill Bryson

Jim McCulloch

Joe Foster

Joe McAlinden

Jowe Head

Margarita Vasquez-Ponte

Martin Hayward

Martin ‘Joogs’ St John

Norman Blake

Raymond McGinley

Rose McDowall

Ross Sinclair

Sandy McLean

Sean Dickson

Stephen Pastel

Thomas McGurk

Thurston Moore

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