BIG GOLD DREAM – Pick of the Week – The Herald – 9th April 2019—tv-picks-week/

(c) Damian Love / The Herald

Saturday night is when TV stations have a nice rest from trying to come up with anything anyone might want to watch – like most other nights, only more blatantly. On the plus side, this means they sometimes put on an interesting repeat by accident, and so it is tonight, with another showing of director Grant McPhee’s valuable documentary on Scotland’s strange, fecund and febrile post-punk DIY music scene(s). The big bang was The Clash’s 1977 performance at Edinburgh Playhouse – more particularly, the awkward mob angles of support group Subway Sect, which sowed seeds for the Glasgow waves spearheaded by Postcard Records and Orange Juice, and the Edinburgh contingents led by Fast Product and Fire Engines. Fast’s Bob Last is among contributors almost managing to cram a thousand odd stories into a coherent narrative. Magic stuff.

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