CD Box Set – Big Gold Dreams – Review in God is in the TV

(c) Nick James / God is in the TV 2019

Extract below…

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin. This is a tale that spans 12 years, of punkish rebels, too much eye liner and some great faces from what would become Scottish music’s “Rock Royalty”. This is a 5 CD set, one that will set about recalling one of the UK’s musical triumphs and to use the saying of “from small acorns…”, they certainly did. In brief here we find 115 “landmark tracks”, from the simply uncouth punk of The Rezillos‘ “I Can’t Stand My Baby” & the slightly less so “Put You In The Picture” by PVC2, recorded in what I think was their bathroom, to 80’s dance “Unamerican Broadcasting” by Win and the beginnings of what would become rave in “Happy Days”, by The Shamen; it has be be asked “how on earth did they find their way?”

This is like opening that stocking at the end of your bed on Christmas day morning, unwrapping each parcel with eager anticipation. Some you may have heard; others will come as a revelation. I’d say that these have been carefully put into phases across the set, but as you will find these are assembled chronologically and serve to document the scene. An early wistful Primal Scream “All Fall Down”, rubs shoulders with Meat Whiplash‘s “Don’t Slip Up”, a band who would later become BMX Bandits and can also be found 9 tracks, or 7 years away from this earlier incarnation. And don’t forget that Creation Records was co-founded by East Kilbride’s Alan McGee, the champion of a scene that has crossed borders and generations, much of which you will find here.

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