Big Gold Dream

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Big Gold Dream (Scotland, 2015)

94 Minute Feature Film.  The original independent feature on Scotland’s Post-Punk and Independent music scene.

Director/Producer: Grant McPhee

Producer: Wendy Griffin

Writer/Editor: Angela Slaven

Co-Producers: Erik Sandberg, Innes Reekie

Exec Producers: Mark Thomas, Ewan Angus



Cinema Premiere: Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015 (Audience Award Winner)

Television Premiere:  BBC2, 2017

DVD Premiere: Tartan Features, 2017


DVD Notes:

Big Gold Dream is the everyday story of how a group of disaffected youth in search of the only fun in town went on to change the world.

High on theory and with only cheek, cheek-bones and cheap guitars to get them through between dole cheques, they took a set of hand-me-down reference points plundered from books, TV and subtitled films, created a scene and transformed it into ART.

As was typical of the times, entryism was in and subversion was from within, but like all great movements, it was never going to last.

Except everything you hear today, tomorrow and knocked into the middle of next week started here.

Indie-Disco, Art-Rock and Difficult Fun are all in the mix.

Big Gold Dream is as much about Now as Then.

Sound and Vision are everything.

Welcome to the Future.

This is Big Gold Dream.

This is Pop!

Neil Cooper
January 2017



Alan McGee

Alan Rankine

Allan Campbell

Billy Sloan

Bob Last

Campbell Owens

Dave Carson

David McClymont

Davy Henderson

Douglas Hart

Douglas MacIntyre

Eugene Kelly

Faye Fife

Gareth Sager

Gaye and Rachel Bell

Grace Fairley

Hilary Morrison

Ian Burgoyne

Ian Stoddart

James King

Jeremy Thoms

Jill Bryson

Jo Callis

Joe Foster

John Mackie

Ken McCluskey

Malcolm Ross

Mark Stewart

Martyn Ware

Michael Barclay

Murray Slade

Norman Blake

Patricia Brown

Paul Mackie

Paul Morley

Peter Hook

Robert King

Ronnie Torrance

Roy Möller

Russell Burn

Sandy McLean

Sean Dickson

Simon Reynolds

Steve Lironi

Tam Dean Burn

Vic Godard


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