Big Gold Dream – Daily Record TV Premiere Article – 15th April 2017

(c) Anna Burnside / Daily Record

***’BBC film!!!!!! It wasn’t a BBC Film!!!!! Aside from that most heinous and untrue accolade we were very happy with this article from the wonderful Anna Burnside. And we know it was the sub editor who made the headline***

Extract below…

Big Gold Dream celebrates trailblazing record labels including Glasgow’s Postcard Records and Edinburgh’s Fast Product – and how they changed the course of the UK music scene.

Two scruffy flats 50 miles apart. One had a Dalek in the corner and paintings stacked around the walls. The other had a constantly revolving round of visitors including the art students who‘d become Strawberry Switchblade and Lucy the transvestite.

They changed the course of the UK music scene.

What happened in 185 West Princes Street and 2 Keir Street at the beginning of the 1980s played out across Scotland and beyond, spawning No1 singles, hugely successful record labels and nightclubs.

Glasgow’s Postcard Records were home to Orange Juice, Josef K, Aztec Camera and the Go-Betweens.

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