The Radical Road – Book

This section is a work in progress

A Please Kill Me is the blueprint for this history of Scottish Radical Music.

PT1. The Sounds of Olde Scotland

Tracing Scotland’s radical musical heritage from its beginnings during the skiffle boom to the smoky folk clubs, and eventually the traverse theatre in Edinburgh; where we meet Bob Last and Hilary Morrison.

Folk Revival: To Traverse Theatre

Davy Graham

Bert Jansch

Billy Connolly

The Incredible String Band

Bread Love and Dreams

Zoom Records


PT2. Big Gold Dream and Teenage Premonitions


Extended transcripts from Big Gold Dream, Teenage Superstars, The Glasgow School, Fast Forward and a scrapbook of interviews from Gang of Four, Mekons, Adamski, Jello Biafra, DAF and many Scottish bands not featured in the films.


PT3. Together in Electric Dreams

Scotland’s electronic music story.

Ron Geesin

Robert Rental

Drew McDowall

Thomas Leer

Alex Ferguson


Jo Callis



The Shamen









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