Cassette Compilation – Texte Und Tone – Big Gold Dream – Tie In Tape

We were delighted that Michael Train and Texte Und Tone put together an essay and compilation tape to tie-in with the US premiere of Big Gold Dream at New York University.

Michael had previously unearthed many long forgotten songs on his groundbreaking 3 CD ‘The Sound of Old Scotland’ compilation.

This is Volume 4!

Hysteric Esoterics is an extended conversation between Michael C. Vazquez, senior editor at Bidoun, and Michael Train, compiler of a triple-disc anthology of Scottish DIY music called Kilt By Death.

Taking Grant McPhee’s documentary Big Gold Dream: Scottish Post-Punk and Infiltrating the Mainstream as a springboard, Vazquez and Train discuss punk and the postcolonial, youthful discretions and acquired tastes, hatred (self, other), obscurantism (unearned, earned), band name poetry, Joy Division damage, and the curious sequence of events that led them to programme a continuous 96-hour broadcast of underground Scottish rock music on Cambridge, Massachusetts radio station WHRB in 1994.

Risograph publication. Sixth title in Flugschriften series. 100 copies only. All copies come with poster and Kilt By Death Four, a cassette compilation of 27 Scottish DIY songs released 1978–82.  A handful of posters are also available separately for purchase. (Please inquire.) Designed by Rob Carmichael, SEEN, and printed by Keegan Cooke at Circadian Press.

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