The Glasgow School


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The Glasgow School
For those of you wanting more Postcard records then this is the film for you!
The Glasgow School is a companion to Big Gold Dream and is the most comprehensive account of Postcard, Swamplands, Strawberry Switchblade, The Jazzateers/Paul Quinn, James King, WIN and The Bluebells that’s ever been assembled. No soundbites here, just plenty of accounts from those who were there.
If you like detail then you’re in the right place– there’s a lot here. It’s purely interview based so no archive or music but plenty of hilarious anecdotes, setting the story straight, new insights and detail. And more detail!
Featuring interviews from:
Campbell Owens
Malcolm Ross
Rose McDowall
Jill Bryson
David McClymont
James King
Paul Haig
Bobby Bluebell
Ken Mcclluskey
Grahame Skinner
and many more
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