Fast Forward: Rewind and Play

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Fast Forward: Rewind and Play (2018)

74 Minute Feature Film.


Director/Producer: Grant McPhee

Writer: Grant McPhee

Editor: Lucy Armitage



Edinburgh 1982-1990.

Fast Product had realised their Big Gold Dream, with an International Number 1 single. They had finally infiltrated the mainstream.

As part of their onslaught on all things institutional, they had teamed up with Rough Trade to form part of The Cartel – a bold move to provide independents with their own distribution network.

Former Bruce’s Records employee, Sandy McLean had been taken onboard to manage the Fast Product Distribution Network.

Unfortunately, the success of The Human League; their recent interpersonal issues, and inability to follow up ‘Dare’ left Fast Product having to concentrate their resources elsewhere. As a result, Bob Last pulled the plug on Scotland’s Cartel ventures.

But Scotland’s Cartel hub would soon be reborn with Sandy taking control, and with a nod to its roots Fast Forward was born.

But Fast Forward needed product, and so did Edinburgh: Josef K, Fire Engines, and Scars had all split leaving Edinburgh’s once-thriving Independent scene empty.

In a bid to reignite the excitement, Sandy agreed to release and distribute tapes brought to him by a new breed of musicians. Musicians who were not brought up on Punk’s Year Zero ethos of destroying the past.  These new musicians looked back to the past for their inspiration.


Fast Forward would ignite Edinburgh’s new scene by running new labels over the distribution company:  Narodnik, 53rd and 3rd and DDT would bring forward a whole wave of new bands.

Bands Featured:

The Shop Assistants, Meat Whiplash, Rote Kapelle, The Thanes, Finitribe, Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes, The Fizzbombs, The Vultures, The Dragsters and The Motorcycle Boy



Richard Scott (The Cartel)

Sandy McLean

Margarita Vasquez-Ponte

David Keegan

Alex Taylor

Sarah Kneale

David Miller

Ian Hoey

Eddie Connelly

Katy Lironi

Nick Haines

Angus McPake

Chris Henman

Michael Kerr

Lenny Helsing

Fran Shoppler

Andrew Tully






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